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Sauti sol talk about love matters. A possible wedding perhaps

Over the weekend Sauti Sol was performing in Kisumu, and while there, they had an interview on the African Top 40 a show hosted by  Chito at Urban Radio, and they spilled more than they usually do on rumors regarding their love life.

First Bien who for the longest time was very secretive about his relationship status, admitted he has been dating for a year,  after photos of him and a certain lady started doing rounds in the internet. Word on the street is they have been dating for a year.


when asked,why come out at a time when other celebrities are breaking up and divorce is the order of the day, his response was, he loves love then quickly moved  to  address the Delvin and Uhurus niece dating rumors.


In fact, when asked if they were true the rest made fun of him saying that they love her ,she’s a great person and all those cute cute things what caught my ear was when they said and I quote “we accept her as a sister in law” and that they are happy “Delvin does not just sing about Love”

Could there be a wedding on the way? Just last year their manager got hitched, could they be following suit? Only time will tell.

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