Celebrities and baby bumps.

 A few years ago I wrote an article of women I would love to see rocking a baby bump and  what type of mothers I think they would be,two out of the five actually   had babies in that period, size 8 who gave  birth a few months ago looks like a happy mother and Pierra,well she  hasn’t yet received her bundle of joy but her baby bump pics are gorge. Here is one.
Well, with baby bump images either you kill it or you kill it, like literally. Here is the new list.
4.Emmy kosgei
Now she’s been married for some time now, happily although before and during this marriage she had to endure a lot of rumors surrounding her and the man she choose to spend the rest I her life with,she’s  still going strong despite many celebrity divorces but no news about a baby,We would love to see Emmy rock a baby bump well for one reason, her biological clock is ringing off the hook plus it would be nice to see her on stage with a baby bump.
Below is a pic of her and her hubby.
3.Lipita nyongo
 She has done a good job career wise. Although not married, and no dating rumors yet, I think Lupita as a mom would be fun to watch, she’ll probably be those Hollywood mothers that go out for a walk holding their kids hands so that they don’t get swamped by paparazzi.
2.Huddah Monroe.
I’ll say what I did last time, Huddahs baby would be the ish, first social media would go crazy trying to figure out who the dad is, that baby would grow up not caring what people would think about her/him after all the mom is a strong believer in not giving a hoot.I mean she was probably the only contestant that Kenyans did not give full support.
1.Sheila Mwanyigah
A story is told of a man who was driving on a rather slow day and there was traffic then just infront of him was the vaseline advert and it was sheila mwanyiga on the billboard, in her birthday sit but well covered, more like the lighing was in such a way that the right parts were covered up, this man was so mesmerized so to say that he drove onto a post and caused an accident thinking he would see a little more than he should. Here is the pic.
Although we have not seen her face on tv, we would love to see her rock a baby bump, if her normal body caused traffic literally, would would baby bump pics do?

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