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Our story: We are marching on to the beat of our drum

our story

Jays bubble started out as an Entertainment blog in 2016. It was a do it with you type of blog. As the Bubble grew we realized that we were experiencing life with our audience hence the tag line; doing life together. We included broader, more serious themes such as mental health, a subject matter that has become our epicenter.

We shared incredible stories through our digital magazine, stories about ordinary people who were doing the extra-ordinary. The response was overwhelming with lots of people reaching out to say that they had been inspired.

As Millennials, we believe the future is ours and a way of safeguarding this future is to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Special attention to SDG 3: Good health and well-being, well-being to us is not only physical but also mental.

We have now diversified our content to include Politics and Culture. Research shows that by 2035 almost half of the world’s population will be African meaning that Africa will have the largest and youngest workforce. Our goal is to provide our generation with information that will arm them with the tools necessary to change the poor leadership narrative that we as Africans have experienced.  

An informed generation is a powerful generation.


Joanne Mbevi is a  Nairobi based journalist & Mental health advocate who started Jays Bubble in her fresh man year as a way to fill in the free time she had in between classes. She graduated with honors from United States International University-Africa; a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism, Class of 2019.

Jays Bubble grew beyond her wildest expectations and blossomed into this platform where she has been able to interact with a multitude of people from all walks of life. Through this magazine, she has met amazing people and got the opportunity to participate in something bigger than herself all while giving voices to those that would journey with us into the far reaching depths of storytelling.