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Rumor has it

A certain lady celebrity let’s call her Sophie, is an alcoholic and there is a story to back up my allegation, Sometime back she was in a relationship with another heavyweight in the entertainment Industry but like most relationships in this industry they broke up which was weird because, this dude could have cut off his right arm for her that is just how much he loved her, people had opinions about their relationship and why they broke up but no one knew the real reason as to why things had to end.

Well, Jays bubble has got your back on this one, Here is the scoop, This babe drinks like a fish, It gets so bad that when she goes out with her friends they end up calling her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend now to come and pick her up from the club because she has passed out on the floor, so much for being classy Sophie. That man did the first couple million rounds, up until he said enough is enough and he split. Since then she has not been able to hold down a relationship even for a couple months and her biological clock is not ticking anymore, its ringing off the hook, all in all when she looks at her situation she has her “bottle” and it  always helps her escape reality.

I for one think that she has some deep cited problems but that is just me. If you were to guess Sophie’s real name, who would it be?

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