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Lets talk about Queen B… #Lemonade

So queen B released an album #Lemonade that has got people talking, why you ask? Well, short version, she doesn’t respect her man, big lipped Jay z.Some people are trash talking about her because well according to them she made her man look bad and some of the words she has used to refer to her man are just plain nasty, they even dragged poor little blue Ivy on the matter by saying it’s not fair that she has to grow up and hear these things about her daddy.

Well,why isn’t anyone looking at the flip side of things, for every action there is a reaction. Queen B is not crazy to wake up one morning and go record an album just because, this woman is speaking from her heart, listening to this album all I could hear is a woman who had gone through so much pain that she took out to do what she knows best, express herself through her music.

Every marriage will at one point be on the rocks, it’s not a bed of roses you know and it’s even worse for her because he has to live her life publicly. So no one has the right to sit here and point fingers at her.Especially the unmarried ones, no one other than her knows what it’s like getting married and living with this man.

Remember that incident when that video leaked and it showed her sister beating the black out of Jay Z and rumors circulated that ,he was not conducting himself like a married man is supposed to, She just stood there unmoved not caring what was going on,that’s an incident we know of, how many others don’t we know of, rumors that Jay z is cheating come out and whether they are true or not, she has an ego that has been bruised, people are talking and pointing fingers at her and in term she has to smile and pretend that they are still in their honeymoon period. Has anyone thought all that anger and stress was what she let out on this album #lemonade.

To those dragging blue ivy on this, matter, she just has to understand that sometimes mommy and daddy are not the best of friends every kid goes through this and anyway, why feel sorry for her,imagine Caitlyn’s grand kids,(the Kardashians) and the explanation their parents had to give in explaining what happened to grandpa, or why Grandpa now a grandma has boobs.

All in all, I would rather hear this album that wake up one morning to hear that someone was going through depression and they cut their life short.Or this could be a publicity stunt.

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