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Baby Vera is the newbie in town & her name is Asia Brown.

Since Vera Sidika announced that she was having a baby, we have not been able to contain ourselves. First things first, manifestation works. We literally saw her manifest this baby in 2019. She would always make little hints that she was ready to be a mom.A few years later, an engagement to her man andContinue reading “Baby Vera is the newbie in town & her name is Asia Brown.”

Is Lilian Muli bleaching?

So word is going round that Lilian Muli is following ┬áin Vera Sidikas foot steps. Something about her looking ,Fanta coke, Fanta (light on her face)and coke(her dark hands). You just have to love the Kenyans that come up with these┬ánames. She is allegedly bleaching her skin and not doing a good job at it.BelowContinue reading “Is Lilian Muli bleaching?”