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Adele has re-introduced herself and we are here for it.

The 33-year old singer, Adele, has made it to the other side and we are in awe. After some time away from the lime light, she is re-introducing herself and we love what we see. Adele is gracing the cover of Vogue this November, and she has talked about divorce, music, therapy, motherhood, anxiety, and,Continue reading “Adele has re-introduced herself and we are here for it.”

Brenda Jons’ nasty break-up could have a silver lining. 

Brenda Jons, a Kenyan comedy content creator became a staple for many during the pandemic because of her comedy skits. She recently went through a very public break-up that had her take some time off social media. Let me get you up to speed on the breakup: Brenda was in a relationship that according toContinue reading “Brenda Jons’ nasty break-up could have a silver lining. “

If you haven’t encountered a “couch guy”, have you even been in love?

Everyone who has been stupid in love has foreseen the ending to the @laurenzarras and Robbie relationship. With Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp undergoing mass outages, chances are that you wandered off to Tik tok and came across the “Couch Guy” debate. I call it a debate because though most are against, there are a fewContinue reading “If you haven’t encountered a “couch guy”, have you even been in love?”

Did Vanessa Mdee hint at a secret wedding?

I love a good love story, and this Vanessa Mdee & Rotimi relationship is one of those. First, a quick look at their relationship thus far. Vanessa & Rotimi met in 2019 at an Essense party. They got to know each other, and 6 days into this new friendship turned relationship, they were deleting theContinue reading “Did Vanessa Mdee hint at a secret wedding?”

Nelius Mukami inhales courage and exhales fear.

By Joanne Mbevi Another day, another person has chosen to breath in courage and breath out fear, and we are here for it. Nelius Mukami wife of nominated senator Isaac Mwaura, has come out to share her battle with depression. In a lengthy social media post, Nelius mentioned that though her battle with depression hasContinue reading “Nelius Mukami inhales courage and exhales fear.”

Size 8 & Dj Mo show strength in the face of adversity.

A couple of weeks back, the Muraya family through their YouTube channel announced that they were expecting baby number 3. We, their social media family, were in on this news because they have let us into the good, bad, and ugly parts of their lives. It feels like we are family at this point. ThatContinue reading “Size 8 & Dj Mo show strength in the face of adversity.”

Mixed Truths with King savie

Here is a taste of what is in the January 2018 Jays Bubble magazine. Get yourself a free copy by clicking  the link below. Jay’s Bubble Jan Issue Complete By Savai Lomosi.  First of all, happy new year! This is yet another year to make even bigger mistakes, kiss is more frogs and basically makeContinue reading “Mixed Truths with King savie”


Happy new year! I am excited to present the 4th issue of Jays Bubble. This might sound like a cliche but words cannot express just how happy I am. We are at No 4… and counting. In this issue, my team and I wanted to share the story of young models who are on aContinue reading “MODELS ON A MISSION …ISSUE # 4 IS HERE!”

Linda Simbauni ….working it in the courtroom & on the runway.

The September issue was jam packed with lots of  fun stuff, one of my favorite segments is 21 questions where we ask fun random questions. We had a sit down with Linda Simbauni, a young lawyer by profession who not only works it in the  courtroom but on the run way as well. If youContinue reading “Linda Simbauni ….working it in the courtroom & on the runway.”

Why Burna boy has become the most hated artist in Kenya

If there is someone who woke up this morning and wished that he could turn back time, that would be Burna boy. Let me fill you in. So Damini Ogulu, better known by his stage name Burna Boy, a Nigerian reggae-dance-hall singer and songwriter  was scheduled to perform on Saturday right here in Nairobi. Burna boyContinue reading “Why Burna boy has become the most hated artist in Kenya”