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How khaligraph has schooled celebrities #Relationshipgoals.

Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones has just moved up the scale in being the coolest Kenyan celebrity boyfriend  .While other celebrities are teasing us by putting up non-recognizable photos of their girl or boyfriends on social media in the name of  giving us an in on their private lives, he put up a video that quiteContinue reading “How khaligraph has schooled celebrities #Relationshipgoals.”

Why we love Baby daddy (Critique sn 5)

Baby daddy is is a Freeform comedy television series that focuses on the family unit, family here not necessarily being by blood.Baby daddy is definitely not your cliche American sitcom .Ben the main character who is in his twenties gets a sweet blow when a one night stand leaves a baby at his door step,he thenContinue reading “Why we love Baby daddy (Critique sn 5)”

Lets talk about Queen B… #Lemonade

So queen B released an album #Lemonade that has got people talking, why you ask? Well, short version, she doesn’t respect her man, big lipped Jay z.Some people are trash talking about her because well according to them she made her man look bad and some of the words she has used to refer toContinue reading “Lets talk about Queen B… #Lemonade”