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Jays fettish for braided hair.

I have been falling in love with braided hair, especially now that I’m turning my hair  back to its natural state.I thought I would share my experience with braided hair. First, with my busy schedule, braided hair has been a life saver. I wake in the morning and its ready to go. It has givenContinue reading “Jays fettish for braided hair.”

African Jewelry is taking over.

It was game over when Taraji wore an African beaded piece during her visit in South Africa,African inspired Jewelry is slowly taking over, just like Ankara outfits. Here in Kenya, the Maasai community is known for creating beautiful neck and hand pieces among many other items and Jays bubble is crushing on this trend thus making thisContinue reading “African Jewelry is taking over.”

Fashion Peak and Pits of Groove awards 2016.

This weekend saw the passing of the 2016 version of the Groove awards while some had well thought out outfits and some looked like they were inspired by Nyota Ndogos  make up artist . Controversial singer, Nyota Ndogo gets a taste of her own medicine.  I decided to come up with a list of the fashion peaksContinue reading “Fashion Peak and Pits of Groove awards 2016.”

Rwanda cultural fashion week.

Jays bubble has scoop on Rwanda cultural week and it’s all cotton candy, meaning it’s all good.First, Kenya did us proud, how you ask? Well, we had 2 our female Kenyan models, Linda Simbauni a lawyer by profession by the way (picture below) and Jacky Muendo (picture below) Judging from the above photos and theContinue reading “Rwanda cultural fashion week.”

Kiambu fashion week in pictures.

Despite the glitches by the Kiambu fashion week organizers, It was a pretty  fun event. Ricqstudio were in charge of the photography and cinematography and saying that they did a good job is an understatement. Let the pictures speak for themselves. The male models were not left behind…. Then there was a poem, Mama Africa….Continue reading “Kiambu fashion week in pictures.”

Miss kiambu’s (tourism) moment of shame.

  Miss Kiambu 2016 had a moment of shame at the Kiambu fashion week, she was one of chosen few to show case Ngugi vere’a collection. A very beautiful dress if I may had but on walking down the runway he dress revealed a little more than we expected to see most people would sayContinue reading “Miss kiambu’s (tourism) moment of shame.”