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Trouble in paradise for Octopizzo and Girlfriend.

Word on the street is that there is trouble in paradise for Octopizzo and his girlfriend, so apparently she found out that he was cheating on her with some lady banker and it even gets worse when she(the girlfriend) found out that he is having a baby with her. His wife who is probably  anContinue reading “Trouble in paradise for Octopizzo and Girlfriend.”

Its over for Taylor and Calvin Harris.

Buckle up everyone, Taylor swift will be back to singing her break up songs in no time. A girl needs to vent about her last relationship with Calvin Harris gone bad.Word on the street they are more friends than lovers. Although Taylor keeps falling for the wrong type, she does make a lot  of money from thoseContinue reading “Its over for Taylor and Calvin Harris.”

Janet Mbugua and Husband celebrate Love.

How good it is to actually write about a marriage that has lasted a year in the Kenyan celeb scene. Janet Mbugua ladies and gentlemen will be celebrating her one year wedding anniversary to her husband.Seeing as many of these people are picking and drooping partners. Its still not known if they will be having anContinue reading “Janet Mbugua and Husband celebrate Love.”

Rabbit dishes on Sponsors and Marriage.

Over the weekend,  Rabbit,Kaka empire C.E.O had a little chit chat  with Urban radio presenter “ThisisChito” and  he spilled on a couple things, First, The issue of the sponsor, Like a friend of mine says, girls nowadays will leave a man with a vision for a man with a television, when asked what his thoughts  onContinue reading “Rabbit dishes on Sponsors and Marriage.”

 Creme Dela Creme is in another mess.

Thank God this time we are not talking about his private intimate relations life, if you know what I mean. This time some Kenyan in the diaspora had screwed him over by reporting him to the American immigration office saying that he is in the state on a tourist visa but he is going toContinue reading ” Creme Dela Creme is in another mess.”

Controversial singer, Nyota Ndogo gets a taste of her own medicine.

Word on the street, Nyota Ndogo is married to her Danish man, Now if you can’t remember her, I am not blaming so before we go far, here is an image to refresh your memory. Yikes! Who am i kidding even after seeing this picture you probably don’t remember her.Below is an image with a little lessContinue reading “Controversial singer, Nyota Ndogo gets a taste of her own medicine.”

Kenya’s favorite bad boy is hitched(Video)

Well, well, well, CMB Prezzo is engaged to none other than  Mitchelle Oyola, wondering who that is, I also was not so sure about who she was but nothing a little polite stalking cannot do, this babe stars on the Kenyan reality series Nairobi diaries  and she said yes.Though much is not said regarding their weddingContinue reading “Kenya’s favorite bad boy is hitched(Video)”

Diamond & Zari Love matters.

Diamond has been the talk of town for a while now, why you ask? Here is the back story,  and no this is not about his nose ring that caused an uproar on social media. So, there is this new music video that Diamond is in and he got a video vixen by the nameContinue reading “Diamond & Zari Love matters.”