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Why we love Baby daddy (Critique sn 5)

Baby daddy is is a Freeform comedy television series that focuses on the family unit, family here not necessarily being by blood.Baby daddy is definitely not your cliche American sitcom .Ben the main character who is in his twenties gets a sweet blow when a one night stand leaves a baby at his door step,he thenContinue reading “Why we love Baby daddy (Critique sn 5)”

No more bros over babes for P-square *Insert naija accent.

We all thought it was all bros over babes for P-Square up until Peter went on a rant making it clear that the two brothers do not see eye to eye anymore. This is what he said. ” This goes out to all my Fans in Congo Specifically and the entire world in General. MyContinue reading “No more bros over babes for P-square *Insert naija accent.”

Diamond and Zari at it again.

With rumors going round that Diamond and Zari’s relationship is on the rocks and that there might be a possible break up because Zari got pregnant a little too soon with baby no two. The couple that people cant stop talking about gave yet another reason to talk. Diamond’s attempt to make us see  thatContinue reading “Diamond and Zari at it again.”

Game over for Kalekye Mumo and new heights for Adelle Onyango

Today is a happy day for #TeamAdelle fans, Adelle who was till today, the mid morning queen of radio has moved on up to the breakfast show ‘The morning kiss’,where she will be hosting alongside Shaffie weru. This means that its game over for Kalekye Mumo, who was recently on vacation, you can catch theContinue reading “Game over for Kalekye Mumo and new heights for Adelle Onyango”

Akothee gets hitched.Again.

They say third times a charm, this is probably what Akothee , Kenyan based artist who people dare to call the richest kenyan artist thought when she was tying the knot to her third fiance now husband.Only that she is not getting married but  working on a video to an upcoming jam. She fooled quiteContinue reading “Akothee gets hitched.Again.”

Sad day for Jimmy Gathu.

It was announced that Nation media group was shutting down Nation Fm, Qfm and Qtv. Unfortunately, that meant that some people had to be laid off.As painful as this might be to some, Its not the end of life, some people end up becoming great business men and women out of such incidences.Keep calm. Now,oneContinue reading “Sad day for Jimmy Gathu.”

Bobby preaching water and drinking wine.

So apparently, Kenyan music group P-unit is broke, if you ask me, nothing new there if at all this is true, people get rich and go broke, how many Hollywood celebrities have slept millionaires and for one reason or another woken up with nothing to their names. What shocked me the most was when thisContinue reading “Bobby preaching water and drinking wine.”

Abby Plaatjes at the top of her game.

Remember Abby from Big brother Africa,the Bold and daring lady from Tanzania who had a “partnership” so to say with Uganda’s Gaetano. Well, this babe is making moves in the Entertainment scene by making a huge comeback on TV. Abby is a new host for E!VIP.This means that she will be interviewing entertainment heavy weights from all overContinue reading “Abby Plaatjes at the top of her game.”

Kalekye Mumo’s bold move.

You just have to love a woman with self confidence. Kalekye Mumo kiss 100 breakfast presenter has a whole load of it. She is currently in Mombasa which is why if you are a fun of her show, shes not on air. Kalekye put up a photo of herself in a bathing suit, clearly sheContinue reading “Kalekye Mumo’s bold move.”

Empire cast in Africa and Aka might just benefit from the Visit.

 Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, known by his stage name AKA, is a South African hip hop recording artist who might feature on U.S hit series ,Empire, he had  a little chat with Terrence Howard (Lucious Lyon) and Taraji P. Henson (Cookie Lyon), where he asked them to write a role for him, Taraji’s response, “Absolutely, why not.”Continue reading “Empire cast in Africa and Aka might just benefit from the Visit.”