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Up close with Jay.

Jays bubble had a sit down with twitter big wig Joseph Muhatia commonly known as @Yahboiselfie on twitter and boy was this one of the best interviews that I have ever conducted. There is just something about a good conversation that just gets me excited. We talked about a lot and I am here to Continue reading “Up close with Jay.”

Steve Harvey’s Feminine Side and It’s Not Him Crying

Steve Harvey is just one of those guys who has aged very well and his love for his wife makes you feel, awwww (get what I mean), okay now you know I am a Steve Harvey fan. This time round Steve and his wife have come up with a line of handbags and he isContinue reading “Steve Harvey’s Feminine Side and It’s Not Him Crying”

Huddah brings a storm over Diamond and Zaris paradise

Even with that new rack Huddah bought herself, it clearly did not change her attitude, These socialies have no chills. Zari`s man Diamond has been called a whore well to be fair Huddah said he is pizza and women have been ordering him meaning he has been sleeping around with women, clearly Huddah cannot speakContinue reading “Huddah brings a storm over Diamond and Zaris paradise”

Huddah admits to going under the knife to save her cleavage

Huddah took to social media to talk about an experience that personally speaking made me understand her a whole lot more, her big brother experience. I have a lot of love for big brother but that’s not the point. When Huddah went to represent us (Kenya) at the big brother house, her shower hour videosContinue reading “Huddah admits to going under the knife to save her cleavage”

Guess who Betty Kyalo is playing dress up with?

Well, well well… If it isn’t another story about Betty Kyalo. So to catch up  those who have been away. Betty got married to Dennis a  famous investigative reporter and the wedding had people talking for days.Here is a photo of the two.   A few moths down the line they called it quits andContinue reading “Guess who Betty Kyalo is playing dress up with?”

Pierra’s Munchkin has arrived.

Pierra has really set the bar high when it comes to baby bump photos. We were all waiting to see her little bundle of joy,who Jays bubble can say landed safely. Her mom (Pierra ) is on mommy 101 duties and is not ashamed to breastfeed (as seen below) . Though pierra is a littleContinue reading “Pierra’s Munchkin has arrived.”

Chipukizzy on that love train like green on grass.

You know what they say about love, the right kind will make a man soft, like in a good way.okay that’s what I say. Kenyan based comedian Chipukizzy is  is in love and he is not afraid to show it. Either this man is proud of his woman or he is marking his territory,hard. TheseContinue reading “Chipukizzy on that love train like green on grass.”

What! Another secret celeb wedding.

So…. Jays bubble has heard about a secret celebrity wedding. I’ll give y’all a clue, she is someone I’ve written about before. she has got a “twin” sister, she is a mother of a beautiful daughter with another celebrity, she loves German machines and she is one talented speaker. Now, how this babe has moved on so quickContinue reading “What! Another secret celeb wedding.”

Is Lilian Muli bleaching?

So word is going round that Lilian Muli is following  in Vera Sidikas foot steps. Something about her looking ,Fanta coke, Fanta (light on her face)and coke(her dark hands). You just have to love the Kenyans that come up with these names. She is allegedly bleaching her skin and not doing a good job at it.BelowContinue reading “Is Lilian Muli bleaching?”