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Pierra Makena vs Brenda wairimu

A very close friend of mine told me he disagrees with the fact that Pierra Makena made the list, according to him Brenda Wairimu would have come in first as the hottest celebrity mommy. Below is an extract from the last edition of the  Jays Bubble magazine showing a list of all the ladies whoContinue reading “Pierra Makena vs Brenda wairimu”

Valentines date with Idris Elba…..

If Idris Elaba asked you out on a date, what would you say?…Heck yea!I would even trade my best friend for Idris, sorry boo I know you would do the same,maybe even throw in a couple of cousins as well. All jokes aside though, there is a video making rounds on the internet. (See below)Continue reading “Valentines date with Idris Elba…..”

Queen B is preggers…Was Lemonade a lie?

Remember this meme? A couple of months later and all I can think about the carter family is….Lemonade was a  lie! Let me start with the extra  good news first, Beyonce is preggers.  Queen B will now be a mother of three.I am not doing the math wrong, she has twins on the way so thatContinue reading “Queen B is preggers…Was Lemonade a lie?”

Jays Bubble….Valentines Issue 2017.

Its finally here Ladies and Gentlemen. My first magazine, this journey has been a very interesting one, I enjoyed every single bit of it. Lots of hugs and kisses to my team, we did it.Feel free to send me an email if you want me to send you a copy.Without any further ado…… Jays Bubble,Continue reading “Jays Bubble….Valentines Issue 2017.”

ThisisEss reveals baby bump.

For those of you who are wondering how ThisisEss and baby bump are connected, clearly you need some catching up, a while back she was proposed to by her boyfriend and of course she said yes, social media went crazy that day, her fans were congratulating her, some men were disappointed, some girls were jealousContinue reading “ThisisEss reveals baby bump.”

Size 8 channels her blond side.

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life. Kenyan singer, Size 8 (Reborn) as she likes to call herself has ditched the red head team and is now a full on blond. Now keeping in mind the coco chanel quote, it got me thinking, why would sheContinue reading “Size 8 channels her blond side.”

#TheMakinis….cute or dumb move. #Prezzoisnolongersingle

When Jackson Makini popularly knows ans Prezzo, announced that he was ditching team single for Nairobi diaries star , girls in Kenya and probably beyond had a hard time adjusting to this bad boys decision, he just slipped away right in front of our eyes anyway now that, that ship has sailed. we cant help butContinue reading “#TheMakinis….cute or dumb move. #Prezzoisnolongersingle”

Could this be the cause of Grace Mkosewes life?

Earlier on today, Kenyans received the heartbreaking news that Grace Makosewe former capital FM presenter had passed away.Grace was found dead by a relative in her apartment earlier on in the day. Though the cause of her death is still unknown, rumor has it that she was complaining of chest pains and that this couldContinue reading “Could this be the cause of Grace Mkosewes life?”