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Zari is not having it and she is letting the whole world know.

Zari Hassan has repeatedly demonstrated that she is one of those ladies who can not be kept in a box. You could go as far as to say she looked at the box and destroyed it. You know how there are those days you wake up and you feel like enough is enough? Well, Zari has had one of those mornings based on a story she posted on her Instagram account telling her people that she has had enough and will no longer bend to people’s rules so as to please them. She further added that for those who write or say things about her that are untrue, that she will no longer be explaining herself and that her focus will now be the things that matter.

What more is there to say? She said what she said and that’s on Period. 

Image: Instagram

Instagram has got new goodies for its users.

Instagram has announced that they are rolling out a new feature called ‘Collabs’ which will allow users to share ownership of a single reel or post on the timeline. This means that, Collabs will allow  two users to create a post or reel together and once posted will be visible on both timelines, where followers from both accounts will be able to combine their comments on the timeline. Amazing right?

More to this, they are testing a way to add a nonprofit fundraiser to a post, which will allow users to donate. So, what do you think? Will these new features be a hit or a miss?


Baby Vera is the newbie in town & her name is Asia Brown.

Since Vera Sidika announced that she was having a baby, we have not been able to contain ourselves. First things first, manifestation works. We literally saw her manifest this baby in 2019. She would always make little hints that she was ready to be a mom.A few years later, an engagement to her man and boom, she came out to tell her social media in-laws that she was expecting a baby, then she did a gender reveal party and we found out that it was going to be a girl, and lastly, a baby shower fit for baby Vera was done.

While Kenyans were celebrating Mashujaa Day at about 10:21 am, Vera Sidika delivered a bouncing baby girl named  Asia Brown. It’s only been a few hours, but this baby is going to be living the ultimate soft life. She is already on plant-based diapers and if her mom’s words are anything to go by, which they are, she will have everything she needs and wants, because why not?

Welcome to the world, Asia Brown.

Image: Instagram

Adele has re-introduced herself and we are here for it.

The 33-year old singer, Adele, has made it to the other side and we are in awe. After some time away from the lime light, she is re-introducing herself and we love what we see. Adele is gracing the cover of Vogue this November, and she has talked about divorce, music, therapy, motherhood, anxiety, and, oh yes, she is not holding back.

The best stories are those that are told from a place of openness and vulnerability,In an interview with Vogue, she said that the upcoming album is a collection of songs that she is writing for her son, explaining things to him so that when he gets older, he can listen and hopefully get answers to all the questions that he had during the divorce.  

Over the weekend, she gave us a taste of her new single, Easy on Me, which is based on her divorce and is set to drop on October 15th, a move that caused a frenzy among her fans. 

Here are a few lessons that you can draw from the “new” Adele.

  1. It pays off to make peace with your past. She mentioned that she went through therapy and had to confront a few things from her childhood, including her relationship with her father.
  2. Therapy! Meditation! Repeat!  Simply put, do you want to be the best version of yourself or not?
  3. People will always have opinions about you. Who cares? During the interview with Vogue, she said how women came at her after she lost weight. Please note that she started working out as a way of dealing with her anxiety. Did she stop working out because of all the attention? No, she did not. So who cares what people say? Do you.
  4. You must let go of something(s) in order to be happy. In the Vogue interview, Adele admitted that her divorce was no one’s fault. She simply wanted to be in love and for her son to see her in that state. Sometimes we hold on to things simply because it is what is expected of us. She later met a new person with whom she is happy. 
  5. There is power in being vulnerable. By sharing these stories, Adele has harnessed the power of vulnerability. She has channeled that power to not only talk to her son through music but also speak to her fans, who, for sure, will be inspired to live their truths.

For now, we wait with bated breath for the new single.

Story by Joanne Mbevi

Image: Instagram

Brenda Jons’ nasty break-up could have a silver lining. 

Brenda Jons, a Kenyan comedy content creator became a staple for many during the pandemic because of her comedy skits. She recently went through a very public break-up that had her take some time off social media.

Let me get you up to speed on the breakup: Brenda was in a relationship that according to her seemed to be going on fine up until she found out that her girlfriend was unfaithful, the salt on the wound was that the person that her girlfriend was unfaithful with was her close friend, a popular professional make-up artist.

Trust Millennials to call you out, if they are unhappy best believe you will know. She went on Instagram live and called out her ex- girlfriend and friend, now ex-friend (that’s how we know) she did not let leave anything out and I mean anything.

What made us wonder is throughout the time that she was doing her live she had friends around her, you could hear them talking and laughing. None of them paid any attention to her or told her to stop. None of them, It took someone who was not in the room to call her and tell her to get off live. I mean, with friends like these, who needs enemies. That break up was nasty but at least now she can figure out who gets to kick rocks along with her ex.

After that she went on to make a public apology because she outed people and took some time off. All, I can say is I hope that time off makes her review her friend list.

Image: Brenda instagram

Pinktober is here and we are cheering you on to do your part.

The past two years have had their challenges as far as healthcare is concerned. The world is, however, rising up to the challenge and doing its part to ensure that we not only have healthy people but also educate each other on issues such as pinktober. What is Pinktober, you ask?

Well, October has been designated as the official breast cancer awareness month and the color pink is the international color representation. A merge of the two produces Pinktober. The goal here is to encourage screening because early detection is key to treatment. Different medical institutions offer reduced prices for screenings as a way of getting people to come in for screenings. Here in Kenya, the M.P.Shah hospital has reduced its prices by 50% in support of Pinktober.  

This month, show your love for your girl squad;

  1. By familiarizing yourself with the necessary information and sharing it on social media, you never know whose life you could positively impact. 
  2. Dress in pink as a show of support and solidarity with women who currently have breast cancer.
  3. Donate to causes that support breast cancer patients and their care.

In Kenya, cancer is the third leading cause of death, according to Kenya National screening guidelines. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Kenya, with an annual incidence of 6,000 new cases.

To our sisters who are fighting breast cancer, we say, wake up every day and smack that cancer. Do not be ashamed of your scars; it just means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. We support you. 


If you haven’t encountered a “couch guy”, have you even been in love?

Everyone who has been stupid in love has foreseen the ending to the @laurenzarras and Robbie relationship. With Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp undergoing mass outages, chances are that you wandered off to Tik tok and came across the “Couch Guy” debate. I call it a debate because though most are against, there are a few people who are for the relationship.

Before we get started, let me bring you up to speed: The couch guy debate came from a video posted by @laurenzarras, a TikTok user who shared a clip of herself surprising her boyfriend, Robbie, at college. From the video’s caption, Robbie had no idea that she was making the surprise visit. Robbie, who is seen sitting next to other girls on the couch, sees her coming in and his reaction is what gets many to think that he is not all that happy to see his girlfriend.

The video is currently at 57 million views. @laurenzarras has gone on to say in another separate video that she and Robbie have been doing long distance for a year and that they are always in constant communication. Her family also seems to like him, saying that Robbie is a good kid. This has not won people over, with one TikTok user saying, “My family also liked my ex-boyfriend before he cheated on me.”

As more and more people chime into this conversation, it is pretty clear that @laurenzarras is not picking up any advice if her recent posts with Robbie are anything to go by, which makes her a good candidate for character development. You know, those experiences that we go through that shape us for the future. Many have done crazy things in the name of love, and those experiences were a character development stage in their lives. For @laurenzarras, it could be the couch guy. Maybe you are reading this and remembering your couch guy and if you haven’t encountered one, wait for it. It will hurt, but it will make you stronger.

All in all, however this turns out, she can always cash in on the merchandise she has started promoting on her pages. Yup, she is now selling couch guy merch.

Image: @lauren.zarras instagram

Did Vanessa Mdee hint at a secret wedding?

I love a good love story, and this Vanessa Mdee & Rotimi relationship is one of those. First, a quick look at their relationship thus far.

Vanessa & Rotimi met in 2019 at an Essense party. They got to know each other, and 6 days into this new friendship turned relationship, they were deleting the contacts of other potentials from their phones. In an interview with Angie Martinez, Rotimi says that his mom and Vanessa hugged and started crying. It was like they found each other. This introduction happened a month into the relationship. 

They tell the world about their relationship and Vanessa has already moved in with Rotimi. During the pandemic, we saw fun videos of the two on tik tok. She was teaching him how to speak Swahili and you can tell from the video, it’s all cute and cuddly there. They even wrote a book together, a Swahili translator book available on Amazon. A couple of months after, Rotimi asks her to marry him and of course, she says yes. Exes get wind of the news, and it’s the ex-girlfriends that have something to say. At this point, we are thinking, Girls, just stop it, leave with dignity, you know. Anyway, they announced that they were having a baby boy, and yeah, the baby is here.

Now to the wedding part. We know that a wedding is on the way, but it’s a comment she made to a fan that got us thinking. Could they have gone through and done a secret wedding? Vanessa has always been open about her spiritual beliefs and has even gone ahead to share her personal opinions on certain matters, such as baptism. A fan wrote to her and said that she should have done things the Christian way, which means first getting married, not getting engaged, then moving in with a partner, to which she responded, “Thank you sweet sister, I totally agree. That is why I did it.” 

Based on this comment, you could see why I think she did a secret wedding. Whatever the case, I love it when a good love story comes along.

Photo: Vanessa Instagram

Nelius Mukami inhales courage and exhales fear.

By Joanne Mbevi

Another day, another person has chosen to breath in courage and breath out fear, and we are here for it. Nelius Mukami wife of nominated senator Isaac Mwaura, has come out to share her battle with depression. In a lengthy social media post, Nelius mentioned that though her battle with depression has robbed her of experiences with loved ones, she is not giving up the fight.

“I will not let depression take my joy away. Every day, I will strive to focus on who I am and who I want to be. I will strive to shed off the weight of depression, ” This comes months after she opened up about the loss of her two children out of the triplets she was expecting. Speaking to Massawe Japani of Radio Jambo, she said, “I will grieve for the rest of my life without pretending they were not there. I will not refuse to mention them and I celebrate them every day.”

Image: Nelius instagram

Size 8 & Dj Mo show strength in the face of adversity.

A couple of weeks back, the Muraya family through their YouTube channel announced that they were expecting baby number 3. We, their social media family, were in on this news because they have let us into the good, bad, and ugly parts of their lives. It feels like we are family at this point. That is why the heartbreak could be felt all over social media when the couple announced that they had lost the baby.

Size 8 has had fluctuating blood pressure for a while now and the doctors have been managing it. Earlier today, she was rushed to the hospital after feeling unwell, but sadly, she lost the baby. Even in this state of heartbreak, the couple stood by their spiritual beliefs and went ahead to count their blessings. What else is there to say? #conquermindset

Photo Credit: Size 8 Instagram

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