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New look jeans.

They say, give a girl jeans and she can conquer the world. I couldn’t agree more, however there are girls with jeans that they have not worn in ages. Instead of filling your wardrobe with cloths you are not wearing, why not make the ones you have work for you. It is not only easyContinue reading “New look jeans.”

Whats inside the magazine……. #21QuestionswithDennisToll

When the editor of Jays Bubble magazine (Ethel Valerie) read the responses that our celeb of the issue Dennis Toll sent, her response was ….” Hahahahahaha, this guy is legit…” We love a man who is not afraid to say it as is! Spot his responses to Jays Bubbles 21 questions.

Whats inside the magazine…the do’s and don’ts of living +vly.

What I love so much about this current issue of Jays Bubble is that it has a light  way of discussing serious topics. I was privileged to meet a young girl through my blog, lets call her “Tsubaki” who opened up about living with HIV. She has a very fun and bubbly personality but what stoodContinue reading “Whats inside the magazine…the do’s and don’ts of living +vly.”

Jays Bubble magazine -issue 002.

I am happy to present our second issue which is bigger and better. The mothers day issue in which we are celebrating moms. It has been an incredible journey.I enjoyed interacting with young single mother’s who have taken up mothethood by themselves and they did not shy away from sharing their stories.That plus a lotContinue reading “Jays Bubble magazine -issue 002.”

Why Burna boy has become the most hated artist in Kenya

If there is someone who woke up this morning and wished that he could turn back time, that would be Burna boy. Let me fill you in. So Damini Ogulu, better known by his stage name Burna Boy, a Nigerian reggae-dance-hall singer and songwriter  was scheduled to perform on Saturday right here in Nairobi. Burna boyContinue reading “Why Burna boy has become the most hated artist in Kenya”

Pierra Makena vs Brenda wairimu

A very close friend of mine told me he disagrees with the fact that Pierra Makena made the list, according to him Brenda Wairimu would have come in first as the hottest celebrity mommy. Below is an extract from the last edition of the  Jays Bubble magazine showing a list of all the ladies whoContinue reading “Pierra Makena vs Brenda wairimu”

Straight outta my heart… Guard your destiny!

My sister recently got a phone call, the phone conversation that she had was telling her or a friend’s unfortunate death. Apparently this young man went out to party with his friends, (nothing abnormal there) they got into an accident, which he survived and when he got home he shot himself twice in the chest.Continue reading “Straight outta my heart… Guard your destiny!”

Valentines date with Idris Elba…..

If Idris Elaba asked you out on a date, what would you say?…Heck yea!I would even trade my best friend for Idris, sorry boo I know you would do the same,maybe even throw in a couple of cousins as well. All jokes aside though, there is a video making rounds on the internet. (See below)Continue reading “Valentines date with Idris Elba…..”