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Adele has re-introduced herself and we are here for it.

The 33-year old singer, Adele, has made it to the other side and we are in awe. After some time away from the lime light, she is re-introducing herself and we love what we see. Adele is gracing the cover of Vogue this November, and she has talked about divorce, music, therapy, motherhood, anxiety, and, oh yes, she is not holding back.

The best stories are those that are told from a place of openness and vulnerability,In an interview with Vogue, she said that the upcoming album is a collection of songs that she is writing for her son, explaining things to him so that when he gets older, he can listen and hopefully get answers to all the questions that he had during the divorce.  

Over the weekend, she gave us a taste of her new single, Easy on Me, which is based on her divorce and is set to drop on October 15th, a move that caused a frenzy among her fans. 

Here are a few lessons that you can draw from the “new” Adele.

  1. It pays off to make peace with your past. She mentioned that she went through therapy and had to confront a few things from her childhood, including her relationship with her father.
  2. Therapy! Meditation! Repeat!  Simply put, do you want to be the best version of yourself or not?
  3. People will always have opinions about you. Who cares? During the interview with Vogue, she said how women came at her after she lost weight. Please note that she started working out as a way of dealing with her anxiety. Did she stop working out because of all the attention? No, she did not. So who cares what people say? Do you.
  4. You must let go of something(s) in order to be happy. In the Vogue interview, Adele admitted that her divorce was no one’s fault. She simply wanted to be in love and for her son to see her in that state. Sometimes we hold on to things simply because it is what is expected of us. She later met a new person with whom she is happy. 
  5. There is power in being vulnerable. By sharing these stories, Adele has harnessed the power of vulnerability. She has channeled that power to not only talk to her son through music but also speak to her fans, who, for sure, will be inspired to live their truths.

For now, we wait with bated breath for the new single.

Story by Joanne Mbevi

Image: Instagram

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