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Brenda Jons’ nasty break-up could have a silver lining. 

Brenda Jons, a Kenyan comedy content creator became a staple for many during the pandemic because of her comedy skits. She recently went through a very public break-up that had her take some time off social media.

Let me get you up to speed on the breakup: Brenda was in a relationship that according to her seemed to be going on fine up until she found out that her girlfriend was unfaithful, the salt on the wound was that the person that her girlfriend was unfaithful with was her close friend, a popular professional make-up artist.

Trust Millennials to call you out, if they are unhappy best believe you will know. She went on Instagram live and called out her ex- girlfriend and friend, now ex-friend (that’s how we know) she did not let leave anything out and I mean anything.

What made us wonder is throughout the time that she was doing her live she had friends around her, you could hear them talking and laughing. None of them paid any attention to her or told her to stop. None of them, It took someone who was not in the room to call her and tell her to get off live. I mean, with friends like these, who needs enemies. That break up was nasty but at least now she can figure out who gets to kick rocks along with her ex.

After that she went on to make a public apology because she outed people and took some time off. All, I can say is I hope that time off makes her review her friend list.

Image: Brenda instagram

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