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Pinktober is here and we are cheering you on to do your part.

The past two years have had their challenges as far as healthcare is concerned. The world is, however, rising up to the challenge and doing its part to ensure that we not only have healthy people but also educate each other on issues such as pinktober. What is Pinktober, you ask?

Well, October has been designated as the official breast cancer awareness month and the color pink is the international color representation. A merge of the two produces Pinktober. The goal here is to encourage screening because early detection is key to treatment. Different medical institutions offer reduced prices for screenings as a way of getting people to come in for screenings. Here in Kenya, the M.P.Shah hospital has reduced its prices by 50% in support of Pinktober.  

This month, show your love for your girl squad;

  1. By familiarizing yourself with the necessary information and sharing it on social media, you never know whose life you could positively impact. 
  2. Dress in pink as a show of support and solidarity with women who currently have breast cancer.
  3. Donate to causes that support breast cancer patients and their care.

In Kenya, cancer is the third leading cause of death, according to Kenya National screening guidelines. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Kenya, with an annual incidence of 6,000 new cases.

To our sisters who are fighting breast cancer, we say, wake up every day and smack that cancer. Do not be ashamed of your scars; it just means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. We support you. 


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