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If you haven’t encountered a “couch guy”, have you even been in love?

Everyone who has been stupid in love has foreseen the ending to the @laurenzarras and Robbie relationship. With Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp undergoing mass outages, chances are that you wandered off to Tik tok and came across the “Couch Guy” debate. I call it a debate because though most are against, there are a few people who are for the relationship.

Before we get started, let me bring you up to speed: The couch guy debate came from a video posted by @laurenzarras, a TikTok user who shared a clip of herself surprising her boyfriend, Robbie, at college. From the video’s caption, Robbie had no idea that she was making the surprise visit. Robbie, who is seen sitting next to other girls on the couch, sees her coming in and his reaction is what gets many to think that he is not all that happy to see his girlfriend.

The video is currently at 57 million views. @laurenzarras has gone on to say in another separate video that she and Robbie have been doing long distance for a year and that they are always in constant communication. Her family also seems to like him, saying that Robbie is a good kid. This has not won people over, with one TikTok user saying, “My family also liked my ex-boyfriend before he cheated on me.”

As more and more people chime into this conversation, it is pretty clear that @laurenzarras is not picking up any advice if her recent posts with Robbie are anything to go by, which makes her a good candidate for character development. You know, those experiences that we go through that shape us for the future. Many have done crazy things in the name of love, and those experiences were a character development stage in their lives. For @laurenzarras, it could be the couch guy. Maybe you are reading this and remembering your couch guy and if you haven’t encountered one, wait for it. It will hurt, but it will make you stronger.

All in all, however this turns out, she can always cash in on the merchandise she has started promoting on her pages. Yup, she is now selling couch guy merch.

Image: @lauren.zarras instagram

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