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Did Vanessa Mdee hint at a secret wedding?

I love a good love story, and this Vanessa Mdee & Rotimi relationship is one of those. First, a quick look at their relationship thus far.

Vanessa & Rotimi met in 2019 at an Essense party. They got to know each other, and 6 days into this new friendship turned relationship, they were deleting the contacts of other potentials from their phones. In an interview with Angie Martinez, Rotimi says that his mom and Vanessa hugged and started crying. It was like they found each other. This introduction happened a month into the relationship. 

They tell the world about their relationship and Vanessa has already moved in with Rotimi. During the pandemic, we saw fun videos of the two on tik tok. She was teaching him how to speak Swahili and you can tell from the video, it’s all cute and cuddly there. They even wrote a book together, a Swahili translator book available on Amazon. A couple of months after, Rotimi asks her to marry him and of course, she says yes. Exes get wind of the news, and it’s the ex-girlfriends that have something to say. At this point, we are thinking, Girls, just stop it, leave with dignity, you know. Anyway, they announced that they were having a baby boy, and yeah, the baby is here.

Now to the wedding part. We know that a wedding is on the way, but it’s a comment she made to a fan that got us thinking. Could they have gone through and done a secret wedding? Vanessa has always been open about her spiritual beliefs and has even gone ahead to share her personal opinions on certain matters, such as baptism. A fan wrote to her and said that she should have done things the Christian way, which means first getting married, not getting engaged, then moving in with a partner, to which she responded, “Thank you sweet sister, I totally agree. That is why I did it.” 

Based on this comment, you could see why I think she did a secret wedding. Whatever the case, I love it when a good love story comes along.

Photo: Vanessa Instagram

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