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Here’s to feeling like Gabrielle Union…the now version at least.

Justin Bieber said it in a song “… life’s not easy, I’m not made out of steel. Don’t forget that I’m human. Don’t forget that I’m real …” These words hit me differently, especially now that I am knee-deep into the new Gabrielle Union book, Got anything stronger. Calling this book a page-turner is the understatement of the year, not just because she is spilling the tea on herself, but because her openness is refreshing. You might look at her and be like, “I want that.” What you do not realize is that that is a product of a lot of therapy and hard work.

Let’s examine some of Gabrielle’s character development events. She has been through a divorce, she has been fired, she has had issues with fertility, she is a sexual assault victim, she is a black woman in Hollywood, you’ve heard those stories. The list is endless and yet, she is flourishing. I can’t help but think of all the emotional work she has had to put in to be her. An educated guess would be that she had to face it all, the pain, the heartache, and she had to go through those emotions and heal. Once she was ready, she sat down to write. I’m glad that she wrote. Truly, there is power in being vulnerable. 

Being a millennial is tough. There is a lot of noise that you need to cancel if you want that Zen state of mind. So here’s the challenge, that curveball that life has thrown at you, face it headstrong. Go for therapy if need be. Wake up in the morning and say those words of affirmation. Heck, if you’ve got nothing, just say “Gabrielle did it, so can I.”

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Union Instagram

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