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Queen B is preggers…Was Lemonade a lie?

Remember this meme?


A couple of months later and all I can think about the carter family is….Lemonade was a  lie! Let me start with the extra  good news first, Beyonce is preggers.  Queen B will now be a mother of three.I am not doing the math wrong, she has twins on the way so that and Blue Ivy makes three.

The happy couple took to Instagram to announce the news probably  while sipping lemonade  (See what I did there). Attached was a photo of Beyonce’s growing Baby bump.

Now I am no Einstein here but according to my calculations, this babe was already pregnant when she released Lemonade.Ha! would you look at that.

On the real though, I hope Blu Ivy has been taught how to share because now she has  two other siblings on the way and  that snob face #RBF she sometimes has (See pic below) wont cut it.


After all has been said though, Beyonce looks stunning!



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