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Size 8 on #Marriageworks

When I saw gospel singer size 8 pushing for the #marriageworks my first thought was, what if there is trouble in paradise? Why would she be putting up posts on marriage?Is it to convince young girls that marriage can actually work, or is it to convince herself ?Lets be frank, making a marriage last takes a lot of work and more so when you are in the public eye, everyone is looking and judging you.

Now Nameless and Wahu have been married for more than 10 years, heck I could even call them Kenya’s power couple. I saw Size 8’s post (below)

“The Mathenges i love these two. They have been together for over 18years and marriage for 11years wow that’s so beautiful. So many people gave bad prophecies that they will break up some even created false rumors but in all these God has sustained them and look how beautiful their children are. I celebrate @wahukagwi and @namelesskenya #marriageworks”



As much as we are happy that these two have been holding down this marriage boat. I started thinking is Size 8 hinting that there are false rumors about her husband,then I thought, clearly shes like, “If these two are making it happen so can Mo and I”. Size 8 and Dj Mo will not be one of those DnG and Betty kyalo type of marriages especially now that they are both Jesus peeps and divorce is not allowed.

Then she posted:

“Accept to see your mistakes be humble enough to apologise without giving excuses. Am not perfect swity @djmokenya thanks for always forgiving me when i wrong you. #marriageworks “

My final thoughts on this were, I’m overthinking and for whatever reason, she is on this hashtag, @size8 You go girl. Plus it takes a lot for a woman to admit out loud that shes wrong about something, shes a keeper.

Now your in the know.


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