Guess who Betty Kyalo is playing dress up with?

Well, well well… If it isn’t another story about Betty Kyalo. So to catch up  those who have been away. Betty got married to Dennis a  famous investigative reporter and the wedding had people talking for days.Here is a photo of the two.



A few moths down the line they called it quits and then rumors started going round as to why the two broke up, some said it was Dennis cheating, others thought it was Betty then the biggest rumor was family problems you know like your in laws not liking you but i think that’s really shallow because how many people get married and their mother in laws don’t like them, they thug it out.Anyway I was for another opinion, Karma, you can check out the story here. 

So now word on the street is that she is dating  Mombasa governor Hassan Joho, who is all about politics with a personal touch, he launched a panties campaign for next year general elections, the undies will be worn by “warembo wa joho” meaning Johos beauties/babes whatever you want to call it.Spot this.


Of course she is on that deny deny deny vibe, but guys are not letting this one go especially after people spotted them on social media rocking the same kicks.All I can say on this rumor, there is no smoke without fire.


On top of that, these past couple of days she has been blasting people  on social media, all i could think was , who hurt you girl? have a look, what do you think?



Now you are in the know.


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