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Chipukizzy on that love train like green on grass.

You know what they say about love, the right kind will make a man soft, like in a good way.okay that’s what I say. Kenyan based comedian Chipukizzy is  is in love and he is not afraid to show it. Either this man is proud of his woman or he is marking his territory,hard. These two call each other ‘rib’ you know like how people are crazy with this bae word. They went for a much deeper pet name.
Here are just some of the pictures there’s two have put up on their social media pages.
What’s your take on this? Is this cute or what?

Cropped Vinnie.png


cpd 5 final.pngcropped vinnie 3.pngcropped vinnie 4.png

These two make relationships look so easy.

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