Man crush of the week: Dennis Toll.

Part of why I started this blog was to encourage you who is reading this, so today I am putting up an interview that I did with Homeboyz news anchor Dennis Toll. One of the reasons why he was picked to be Jays bubble Man crush of the week; he is a hard worker, intelligent and he did not give up on his dream which is to anchor news.

toll 03.jpg

Tell us about yourself.

Well, I love cooking. I was forced into cooking by my sensitive stomach and due to the love for good food, YouTube has been my guide. I love dancing courtesy of my late uncle, I don’t drink, I love being sober on the floor. I don’t rave unless I have to because of the congestion. Lastly I love my own company I tend to be creative at such moments.

How long have you been in the industry?

I entered the industry in 2009 back in college as a mid- morning presenter. My show was called the chill show. My Lecturer MS. Joyce Njang’o saw something in me and she gave me an opportunity. This is where it all started.

Share with us how your journey has been like?

Well, it hasn’t been a walk in the park but the flip of it is the fun bit of it. You are stepped on as you struggle to prove yourself but like my old man says pick up yourself, dust yourself and follow your heart. The journey has been amazing.

You worked at 1fm as a news reporter but we never heard you on air despite your talent, care to explain why?  Was this the reason for the move to Homeboyz radio.

Yes I started working at 1fm in 2010 before I even graduated. I went for an interview and managed to secure myself an internship. I worked there for months surviving on allowances. After 6 months I received my employment letter I remember it was a few days before my birthday. I worked under Asha Mwilu before she left for KTN. I always wanted to be on air but it never happened while at 1fm. My departure from 1Fm to Homeboyz was a result of an opportunity to do what I love and because change is inevitable and as they say change is good as rest.

Tell us about your experience at Homeboyz?

Working for Homeboyz is amazing can’t ask for more. I mean I smile more, I have and an amazing team, and my voice has been trained to do a lot. Opportunities have presented themselves and doors to a lot have opened It has been 8months All I can say I am a Home Boy.

What advice would you give any young person who would like to venture into the same career as you?

This makes me seem old but anyway, they should be patient and do whatever they have been given to do to the best of their ability regardless of the surrounding you are working under. Always leave the office or your working place at the end of the day satisfied that you gave it your 100% because if you don’t, the person you are hurting is yourself.

Do you have any regrets in life in regards to your career?

I have no regrets whatsoever. This industry is amazing but it is also challenging and if you don’t have your head up and ability to stand by your principles one can easily fall victim to a lot of vices.

Are you dating?

Oh! Yes this man is dating.





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