Why we love Baby daddy (Critique sn 5)

Baby daddy is is a Freeform comedy television series that focuses on the family unit, family here not necessarily being by blood.Baby daddy is definitely not your cliche American sitcom .Ben the main character who is in his twenties gets a sweet blow when a one night stand leaves a baby at his door step,he then decides to raise the baby with his Brother Danny Wheeler, best friend  Tucker Dobbs who are also his roommates, his close friend and neighbor Riley and lastly his mother Bonnie wheeler.

Created by Dan Berendsen and produced by Timothy Marx, Frank Pines, Nancy Cohen, Jan Siegelman and David Hartle, this 22 min long sitcom will not only leave you in stitches but will leave you with a lesson,First the theme/intro song  gives you a  feel of what the show is about,a baby in a diaper that is half fixed and a man reaches out to fix it with tape portraying a clueless person handling the baby.In this case Ben and his friends,the words of the intro song  say “Its amazing how the unexpected can take  your life and change direction.”

Season 5, episode 1-4. Pan movement is used when they are all rushing to the couch from the door because Bonnie’s fiance is lying unconscious because Danny gave him a head bump from the excitement that his mother was getting married, pan movement was the best camera movement used because they were on the move.Moments later a full shot and three shot of Ben,Bonnie and Tucker when Bonnie and Tucker are running out to do a secret wedding, a full shot was best used here to show their dance foot movements.Noddy shot is used to show Ben’s reaction when his date /hangouts water breaks and she is in labor. A close up of Bonnie, Tucker and her fiance is used to show us their reactions to his dates labor pain.

Episode 5-10.An establishment shot to show the location of the subjects,followed by a tilt movement (movement of the camera from up and down) of apartments to give a closer look at where they are.An over the shoulder shot of Danny, showing his girlfriends reaction when he gets on one knee to ask her to be his wife someday.The camera Zooms into Ben and Riley to give a a closer look of the two while they are having a conversation about getting Ben a girl friend who will be a female figure to Baby Emma. The lighting is perfect when Ben and Sammy his employee from the pub he owns, and has liked since he was in high school are talking it sets the mood for a couples dinner date.  You can note the transition into other scenes by the music played, often scenes end with one of the subjects giving a punchline which evokes emotions, Sad or happy motions. A close up of Ben’s dates bust area to show that he is not into the conversation that they are having, proving that Ben gets easily distracted. Although a close up would have been better because it zeros in on what the subject is looking at.Mid shot of Bonnie as she is trying to getting a laptop to find a way of getting her son kicked out of the national hockey team, this shot was used to show the audience what she was doing.

Oblique angle is used best when Riley and Danny fall down when trying to avoid people from hearing their parents argument. This angle is used to show things falling out of place.The sound level used are good you don’t have trouble hearing either of the subjects.the music played all through the season is in line with the emotions.High angle is used on Danny wheeler to show power seeing as he is the biggest of the two brothers.Tucker is often teased by the rest a low angle would b a good shot seeing as its an angle used to show inferiority.

The tenth episode ends on a sad note because Danny and Riley are broken up and Ben’s to be girlfriend wants to try things out with her baby daddy.A zoom in on the couple would e good to show how a  A point of view shot is shown when he sees the dad coming out from her house.

Season 5 of baby daddy is a hilarious portrayal of how family sticks by each other despite life’s challenges, that even when family hurts each other they forgive and love is not limited to color. Tucker is mixed racial but blends in this family unit.






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