Christians hating on young love.

My first thought when I saw people, more so Christians hit at a gospel show(Kubamba) for letting teenage girls and boys send shout outs to their boyfriends/girlfriends on television, I thought I was living in the stone age period. Why are we being hypocrites? If you think your teenage daughter/son/sister/brother /niece… is not having crushes because they are saved, you are terribly wrong, at this stage some of these kids feel like their boyfriends are Channing taitum even if the look like Willy Paul.



Channing taitum.

This story made me appreciate my mother more. When I was a teen I would give my mom stories about boys, those I liked and those that I bullied. She made me comfortable enough to talk to her about anything and that has never changed up to date, till now she advice’s me and I’ve turned out okay. Now the girls in my school who closed off emotions, Went to the front of the chapel and pretended, let’s just say life wasn’t as fun in the outside world. So chill your tantrums and let them be.



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