African Jewelry is taking over.

It was game over when Taraji wore an African beaded piece during her visit in South Africa,African inspired Jewelry is slowly taking over, just like Ankara outfits. Here in Kenya, the Maasai community is known for creating beautiful neck and hand pieces among many other items and Jays bubble is crushing on this trend thus making this a must have in every woman’s jewelry chest or box.

Now, if you have not scored yourself a piece yet, Keep calm, Jays bubble has got your back. Simply send an email to and ill hook you up.

Meanwhile, here is a little fun fact of what these bead colors mean to the Maasai community.



Blue:Symbolizes energy and sustenance.

Red:Represents bravery, strength.

Green:Symbolizes nourishment and production

Orange:Symbolizes warmth,  friendship, generosity and hospitality.

Yellow: Symbolizes fertility and growth.

White: Represents purity and health.

Black: Symbolizes unity, harmony and solidarity.

Now you are in the know.

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2 thoughts on “African Jewelry is taking over.

  1. I must admit I am glad that african fashion is making its mark within the fashion industry. I love the colour and the patterns. Its not just african inspired jewellery that is becoming a trend but the fabric pattern as well. I love it.

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