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Tamar says goodbye to The Real.

If you were a fan of “The real” like I am then this is sad news for you and you would want to know why she has been laid off or why she quit. Now the Real team says that  they all (including Tamar) agreed that it was wise for her to leave the set and concentrate on her career.However, rumor has it that Tamar got a little out of hand while on set but they would stomach her but she did it when she spoke rudely to a client and stormed out of a meeting. Apparently she let her personality on set get out of hand.

Then,she went on an interview with Harvey and  said ” I just feel like I’m just not going to allow anybody to dim my star, This is not a setback, this is a setup. I feel like if you don’t look at things like this as a blessing, it won’t be a blessing. I definitely feel like it is and I feel like from here, it’s onward and upward.” This doesn’t sound like she stepped out to concentrate on her solo career. What even pointed us in the direction of she was laid off, was when she put up[ a post a couple of days ago on Instagram saying,” I love u all but I have been stabbed in the back by someone I stupidly trusted (not my man or my sisters).” but insists that her and her co-hosts are okay.

Now with this knowledge I wonder who they will get to replace Tamar for the third season.The Real will not be the same without her but we hope to see her on some other show soon.

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