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Rabbit dishes on Sponsors and Marriage.

Over the weekend,  Rabbit,Kaka empire C.E.O had a little chit chat  with Urban radio presenter “ThisisChito” and  he spilled on a couple things, First, The issue of the sponsor, Like a friend of mine says, girls nowadays will leave a man with a vision for a man with a television, when asked what his thoughts  on this were, he said that he sponsors two people happily, his kids, I wondered what about the moms (thats just me) and that people out here are doing whatever they can to get ahead in life and noticed so the world should let them be. He also said that he wanted to settle down, like marry and do the whole shebang of married life, only question is with who? Will Rabbit settle on one of his two baby mamas or has he set his sights elsewhere? You can be sure Jays bubble will be on the look out for this one and as always ill let you in on the story.

Now your in the know.



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