Its over for Taylor and Calvin Harris.

Buckle up everyone, Taylor swift will be back to singing her break up songs in no time. A girl needs to vent about her last relationship with Calvin Harris gone bad.Word on the street they are more friends than lovers. Although Taylor keeps falling for the wrong type, she does make a lot  of money from those heartbreaks.

Apparently Calvin really liked Taylor because she was not the ordinary kind of girl that he would normally date,She was all roses and ponies, he was more into bad girls.Over time he lost interest but did not want to break up with her, until he realized that they were not compatible and he cut the cord.  I have a feeling Harry used the “Its not you its me” line during his break up speech. Can Taylor for once get the man she deserves, these type of stunts are the one that turn a good girl into a bad one.

Now you are in the know.


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