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Groove award Winners.

Yesterday, saw the 2016 groove award show come to pass and while some went home happy , others sad, others were still catching feelings for not being nominated.  L- Jay Masai and Mercy Masika were one of the happy ones as they  scooped the  male and female artists of the year which is kind of the big deal although this photo doesn’t show a happy Mercy more like a surprised one, she was happy. The rest of the winners were as follows.

Collabo Of The Year- Everlyne Wanjiru Feat Vicky Kitonga, Tulia.

•Nyanza Counties Song Of The Year-Abasani B’ Omusunte by Femmy Kerubo.

•Ragga/Reggae Song Of The Year- Wave by Jfam Feat Omari.

•Central Counties Song Of The Year- Githe Tiwe by Phyllis Mbuthia.

•Western Africa Artist Of The Year-Sinach, Nigeria.

•Audio Producer Of The Year-Saint P.

•Radio Presenter Of The Year-Eva Mwalili,Milele FM.

•Eastern & Central Africa Artist Of the Year- Christina Shusho.

•Western Counties Song Of The Year-Njigula by Timothy Kituyi.

•Coastal Counties Song Of The Year-Ushindi by Faith Mwikali.

•Dance Group Of The Year-Jims & Dims.

•Rift Valley Song Of The Year-Ashe Mpapa by Pst. Samuel Somorei.

•Album Of The Year-Emmanuel by Mercy D Lai.

•Eastern Counties Song Of The Year- Ni Ngai Niwukilasya by Stephen Kasolo.

•Songwriter Of the Year-Pitson

•Video Of The Year-Afadhali Yesu, Size 8.

•HipHop Son Of The Year-Easy by Maluda Feat. Juliani.

•Gospel Radio Show Of The Year-Gospel Sunday, Milele FM.

•Worship Song Of The Year-Nikufahamu by Everlyn Wanjiru.

•Video Producer Of The Year-Sammy Dee, True-D Pictures.

•South Africa Artist Of The Year-Joyous Celebration.

•Talent To Watch-DJ Covenant,Rurumuka,Inooro TV.

•Skiza Ring Back Tune Of The Year-Mwema by Mercy Masika.

•Afro-Pop Song Of The Year-Ayaya by Majik Mike Feat. Kris Ee Baba.

•DJ Of The Year-DJ Ruff.

•TV Show Of The Year- The Switch,K24.

•New Artist Of The Year-Mash Mwana.

•Group Of The Year-Kelele Takatifu.

Now your in the know.


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