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Fashion Peak and Pits of Groove awards 2016.

This weekend saw the passing of the 2016 version of the Groove awards while some had well thought out outfits and some looked like they were inspired by Nyota Ndogos  make up artist . Controversial singer, Nyota Ndogo gets a taste of her own medicine.  I decided to come up with a list of the fashion peaks and pits meaning those who looked good and the fails. First on the list.

1.Hairstyle of the day -Kambua (Far left)


Although she does not host Groove awards anymore, she did come out to represent and as much she was looking pretty, her outfit was a tad bit common, not what we expected from her but her hair looked good,clean and neat.

2.Worst dressed lady -Syombua Mwele


Simply put there is nothing to write home about her outfit.You can wear this to work, this was a red carpet, a little creativity could go a long way.

3.Worst dressed Male:Anto neo soul.


He has looked way better before. #Icant

4.Best Jewelry. Joyce Omondi.

Her choice of Jewelry made her look even better.


5.Best dressed lady-Awinja (Far right)


I could not believe that it was the same lady when i saw this picture. She looked simply gorgeous.

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