DnG, the kiss and tell type of man.

Nothing is as unattractive as a kiss and tell type of person; in this case we will be talking about the kiss and tell type of man. What’s that? Well short version. The type of people who after a relationship has gone sour they well, for lack of a better word star hating. What happened to the saying, snitches get stitches.
Onto our story, we have a snitch ladies and gentlemen, this is no hearsay but a certain celebrity went out and started revealing things about his divorce on social media. DnG got hitched to one Yvette and Judging from the photos that were doing rounds on social media that wedding was the bomb.com. I mean the venue was serene, good food the who’s who in the entertainment industry, good performances and what looked like good company.

A couple months later they are getting divorced. Yvette has been rather quiet after the news broke DnG however went ahead and stared putting up photos on social media barely days after news about their divorce broke out of him and other women, assuring Kenyans that he was done, before that it was their photos, going out to do errands together, they were even spotted at Artcaffe in westlands being all mushy mushy. Well thats lasted long enough.


It looked rather disrespectful but maybe the man moves on fast, like really fast, a few months later he goes on social media and insinuates that his ex-wife has a dark heart. Meanwhile Yvette has been maintaining the art of silence.


Did I mention he took down the post? Could it be that all these rants and calling his ex-wife a woman with a dark heart be out of emotions or the truth? If she did have a dark heart and the reason for breaking up was because she cheated, can he honestly stand up and claim to have been honest in their marriage? The leaked messages between the two show her telling him that she should have charged him for his conjugal rights. Yikes! Defiantly too much information however I have to give her a hand she has not said a word publicly regarding this situation. This says a lot about her. There are two sides of a story and I for one cannot wait to hear her side.
Anyone who has been in a relationship knows full well that they are hard, it’s not always roses and rainbows, the honey moon period goes and on the rocks kick in, How you conduct yourself after a break up/divorce says a lot about your character. There is always a reason why celebrities say they divorced due to irreconcilable differences.
All in all a kiss and tell type of man is a no no!

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