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Why Willy Paul will sleep a sad man tonight.

Jays bubble has gotten a special liking for Groove awards,why? Let me take you down memory lane

A few years back no one knew who willy Paul was up until we heard rumors that he was found bumping uglies with a certain Kenyan socialite called Pendo,  She (pendo) went on live radio and said that they met ,he hit on her and she was game, Of course  this story was her word against his.People forgave this and embraced him and went a step further by accepting him into the gospel community. If only they knew, willy Paul was on a roll, he beefed with the lady he had done a collabo with Gloria Muliro, then rumors that he was dating an underage girl, then it was she was pregnant and the list goes on and on, Up till the Bahati /willy Paul scandal. Bahati went on social media to say how Willy Paul was harassing him by going as far as stealing his songs after a lot of drama like willy Paul refusing to perform before Bahati does, baby tantrums mostly the beef was squashed.

Let’s move on to groove award nomination night 2016 where “willy,willy willy” *insert willy Paul voice, will be sleeping a sad man tonight as he was not nominated for any category.

This is probably the first time since he got his first ever nomination where he has not featured anywhere. That has to burn.Word on the street is, the reason behind this is they both, him and Bahati have not been living a Christian life.

Bahati did not show up for the nomination night at all, as for willy Paul, well he walked out of that building sad.

Why Jays bubble has given groove awards a special liking, going with the assumption that they were not nominated for not leading a good Christian life, then being an all gospel award show, one or two rumors from willy Paul would have been enough a couple is too much. Maybe now he will take the time to rethink his steps and pick a team.

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