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The one lesson you can learn from Huddah

The girl people love to hate has gone ahead and yet again shown people how less she could care about peoples opinions. Who am I talking about…. Huddah.

I just have to commend this babe on her self confidence, or if she’s faking it she’s doing a darn good job at it. A certain Kenyan based website wrote a not so good article about her and her response

Sitting here planning my summer….somewhere in Europe, Monte Carlo, the land of the wealthy sitting on a yatch in a bikini,sipping on some good champagne and enjoying the serenity….Who is with me on this? #2016summer. (Follow her and check it out on Ig)

That’s not all, every time she goes ahead to put a photo on Instagram there’s always that one person hating on her, people show no mercy when it comes to Huddah but that has never stopped her from posting photos or giving her opinions on matters, whether they are wrong or not.

On top of matters, she is now acting some Nollywood movie called #BrotherJekwu  (follow her on snap chat you’ll see her posting as they are shooting).

Lesson of the day people, don’t let anyone put you down, if Huddah can take it, so can you, I don’t think any other person in Kenya gets as much hate as this girl but she still be doing her thing.So what’s your reason for letting people step all over you? Just think What would Huddah do? Too much. This is one lesson people can get from her.

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