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Could Betty’s divorce be Karma?

Betty Kyalo and Denis Onkari’s failed marriage has been the talk of town these past couple of weeks, you can’t blame people though, I mean their actual splitting up was like a fat kid saying no to cake, or like hearing that Vera  Sadika has been wifed and she has decided to stop fighting her Melanin levels or rumors that Willy Paul has a few baby mamas out there, I could go on and on.

Well, word on the street people, is that the problems in their marriage actually goes much deeper than we know, before the two even started dating. Apparently Betty was dating this dude let’s call him cookie since he was all rainbows, ponies and cotton candy, everything a girl could ask for #RideorDie.

Cookie and Betty dated a couple years then she met him Dennis and she jumped ship, dumped the guy or he dumped her after he found out she was cheating on him. Apparently her folks did not like the couple at all and at first, They were going strong probably feeling it’s us against the world but that can only last so long. A few months later came the divorce.

Betty has support from family though; her sister recently took to Instagram to show her support during this tough time.



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